Introduction to ‘The World’s Worst Movie Critic’

By Ava Cassidy / Columnist and News Editor 

Photo courtesy of Ava Cassidy / Columnist and News Editor.

I genuinely believe that there is nothing better than a crowded movie theater. In a packed theater, you are surrounded by strangers, and at the same time, surrounded by people who immediately share a sense of community. 

This sense of community is one of the main reasons that I decided to start this column. In my 17 years of life experience, I’ve found that movies are basically universally loved, and I wanted to carve out a small corner of Harpeth Hall dedicated to that love of movies. 

My love of movies feeds directly into the name of my column, The World’s Worst Movie Critic. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a movie that I completely hated, except for a very specific few that will remain unnamed.

So, you might be thinking that this could be the most boring movie column of all time if I never critique a movie. But don’t worry, I do have real opinions, I’m just fatally optimistic! And, no, I don’t give every movie five stars, so be prepared for a healthy dose of criticism–that criticism just tends to be trumped by positivity most times.

I can’t wait to share my love of movies with the Harpeth Hall community. In a way, I’d say I’m indebted to my favorite movies for the joy they’ve given me. I hope I can repay that debt by bringing a little bit of joy to you!

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