Introduction to ‘Sulley Says’

By Sullivan Strobel / Columnist

Photo courtesy of Sullivan Strobel / Columnist.

Dear Logos readers,

Together, we are going to venture out of our comfort zones. Why am I doing this? Most of our lives, we have participated in a never ending loop of Agaves and Sonic runs. I propose we end the cycle and start creating a list of activities to do and shops to frequent. 

In each edition of Sulley Says, you will find upcoming restaurants, boutiques, and activities in our city, such as the best places to thrift, cute places to take Instagram pictures, and even where to do hot yoga. The purpose of this column is to inspire you to explore other opportunities Nashville has to offer, beyond the Belle Meade Plaza.

This column will also include seasonal adventures. Additionally, I plan to inform you on concerts, sporting events, and whatever else is happening in Nashville. I would love suggestions on what to try and suggest next, so feel free to email me with ideas. 

And of course, I promise to give you brutally honest ratings and reviews about what is worth your time and what is not on a scale of one to five. Essentially, what does Sulley say? 


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