How to Stay Active in Quarantine

by Lily Wilmoth, Sports Editor

Try One of Coach Romero’s Workouts!

With school athletics canceled and gyms closed, the satisfaction many people get from exercising is limited when being stuck at home in times of quarantining. Luckily, the workouts can come to you!

Our very own Coach Jim Romero is not letting being at home stop him from staying in shape, and he won’t let it stop you either. He, along with his family, has brought some fun to fitness with his very own Youtube page. His daily workouts make it easy to stay in shape during the quarantine. 

Whether you are a couch potato or a regular at the gym, Coach Romero provides various reps to accommodate all experience levels. Working out has never been easier!

Other ways to stay active during quarantine time is to get out of the house and walk around your neighborhood. Grab your dog, a family member, or just yourself and take a stroll along your street. Experiment with different routes around your neighborhood while going at your own pace. Walk, jog, or run around for as little or as much as you want.

Another workout to try in the nice weather is yoga. Yoga is a great alternative to exercising. Stretch out and practice some mindfulness in these times of confusion. 

If you are one who needs a little push to get up and get active. Try setting a reminder on your phone to squeeze in some time of exercising each day. There are plenty of fitness apps you can experiment with and they will notify you when it is time to workout. One of my personal favorites, “Female Fitness-Abs workout” is a great and easy app to use. You get a great ab workout in less than ten minutes!

One of the most important things you can do right now is to make sure you stay safe and healthy. Exercising is a fantastic way to keep your body strong. Pick a way to be active that works best for you and your schedule!

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