Eight seniors commit to college athletic teams

By Sarah Cook, Editor-in-Chief

On May 5th, Harpeth Hall honored eight senior athletes who will continue playing sports in college. This does not include the other athletes who will compete at the Division I who were celebrated in the fall. Read more about each athlete below.

Sydney Heifner- Volleyball and Track and Field at Washington and Lee

With her mom as a collegiate volleyball player, Sydney Heifner says she always knew she wanted to play volleyball in college, and she is excited to continue volleyball and track and field at W&L next year. “I loved the campus at W&L and the fact that I would be able to continue playing volleyball and track and field.” Sydney said. Congrats Sydney!

Megan Robertson – Soccer and Track and Field at Caltech

Megan Roberston also says always knew she would keep playing soccer in college because she “couldn’t imagine and world without it,” but she wasn’t sure she could continue track and field. “When I was given the opportunity to join Caltech’s track and field team to be their ONLY female thrower, I took it because I was given the chance to continue something I love when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to.” Megan said. As a goalkeeper, she is excited to keep the ball out of the net for Caltech’s soccer team, who have infamously only won one game. In track and field, she will continue every throwing event: javelin, shot put, hammer, and discus. She says she looks forward to the challenge, but she is also a bit nervous. “I am most nervous for competing against full grown women. In the goal, I have become used to being one of the oldest and strongest players on the field, so it will certainly be a major shift that I need to prepare for.” Megan said. Congrats Megan!

Stefanie Chiguluri – Lacrosse at Washington and Lee

Junior year, Stefanie Chiguluri says she realized she had a chance to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. “Not knowing until that late made it so much difficult though because I missed my recruiting window and finding a college in need of a goalie that matched what I was looking for academically was nearly impossible.” Stefanie said. She will be joining the team as a walk-on, but she is confident all of her hard work this summer will lead to success. She chose W&L because of its highly competitive D3 program. In addition,”The coach values both the academic and athletic success of her students which is exactly what I’d want a coach to value.” Stefanie said. This summer, she plans to try boxing, running, and maybe even rock climbing to prepare for the year ahead. Congrats Stefanie!

Eleanor Henderson – Swimming at Bryn Mawr College

As she got to know the program and team at Bryan Mawr, Eleanor Henderson says she knew she wanted to continue swimming in college. “Swimming in college was not something I had always been planning to do, but with Bryn Mawr, it felt right.” she said, “What stood out to me the most was how close the team was. They are so supportive of each other, both in swimming and school.” Eleanor has not been able to get in a pool recently, but she is excited to get in a pool again before she heads to Pennsylvania where she is excited to meet the team and improve her times. Congrats Eleanor!

Alex Massey – Swimming at Yale University

Alex Massey says she always knew she wanted to continue swimming. “I just can’t imagine life without swimming. It helps me with time management and with sticking to a schedule.” Alex said. She chose to continue swimming at Yale because of unity of the team, and she is excited to have a built-in family right away. However, training for her has also been difficult, but she says it makes her even more excited for joining the Yale team. “It has been hard to practice on my own without coaches and teammates there to push me, but that just makes me even more excited to hopefully be on campus in the fall.” Alex said. Congrats Alex!

Walker McKnight – Lacrosse at Washington and Lee

Sports have always been a big part of Walker McKnight’s life, and she could not imagine herself not playing one in college. “Losing my senior lacrosse season made me want to continue playing in college as well. I did not always know I would, but I think deep down I always wanted to.” Walker said, She was impressed by W&L’s record of winning ten straight ODAC championships, and she is excited to travel more for games and meet her teammates. Currently, she has a workout packet she has to complete before she starts the season. Congrats Walker!

Bella Rose Solarek – Track and Field at Rhodes College

Similar to Walker, Bella Rose Solarek’s decision to continue athletics in college was influenced by losing her season. “When my season got cut short I knew I would not end my career on that note.” Bella Rose said, “Practice is what gets me through the school day and meets get me fired up, in a good way. When I found out I had the opportunity to compete at my dream school there was just no way I could turn it down.” What she liked about Rhodes is the large amount of students involved in athletics, and being a D3 school, many athletes are involved in other activities. She also knew she would be competing at a high level, since the women’s track and field team has been conference title champs since 2007. Currently, she is anticipating the travelling, but also nervous about competing in indoor track meets, a new experience for her. Bella Rose definitely thinks that competing at Rhodes will be different, but she says she will make the most of it. “We have had team zoom calls to meet the rest of the girls. I think what is going to be most weird is having practice with boys.” Bella Rose said. Congrats Bella Rose!

Grace Scowden – Track and Field at Rhodes College

After she placed 3rd place at state in the 4×100 relay, Grace Scowden says she knew she wanted to compete on the collegiate level. She chose Rhodes because of the coaches really cared about each athlete’s success. “My Harpeth Hall coaches have been my role models and I credit them with my love of track and field.” Grace said. Although she thinks it will be more intense, she is excited to join the team and make Coach Romero proud. Congrats Grace!

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