“Frankenstein” delivers outstanding performance despite COVID restrictions

By Ava Sjursen, Arts & Entertainment Editor

MBA’s Frankenstein, the first Nashville private school production during the COVID era,  debuted from Sept. 10-13, utilizing unique safety measures to maintain COVID-19 regulations while still delivering an outstanding performance.

Frankenstein tells the story of a scientist who buries himself in his work due to the loss of his parents and designs a creature as monstrous as his demons. Soon this creature escapes and, after being taught social skills and philosophy by a blind man, wreaks havoc on society in his quest to find his creator.

The cast of MBA’s Frankenstein. (Left to right: Thomas Peterson, Rachel Hinchey, C.H. Henry, McConnico Sharpe, Max Sligh) Photo courtesy of Frances Bradford.

As a fan of minimalistic set design, this set was perfectly done. I am a firm believer in the notion that extravagant sets are not always necessary, and, in order to focus on the acting and overall storyline, sometimes a set that simply is there to emphasize the other aspects of the show is more impressive.

On the subject of acting, there were quite a few performances in this show that would have easily transferred to a professional stage. When Justine, played by Harpeth Hall’s Rachel Hinchey, is captured and sentenced to death for a muder that she did not commit, she gives a heart-wrenching monologue about how she is done crying and is waiting to accept her fate. This scene left me and my fellow audience members crying, especially since I doubt anybody went into the show expecting to get emotional. 

Other notable performances were Veronica Pierce as Dr. Frankenstein’s mother and Thomas Peterson as the creature himself. 

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the show was the lighting and sound design. At any dramatic moment in the show, there was bound to be the flickering of bright lights above the stage along with the sound of roaring thunder. This perfectly enhanced the theme of horror throughout the show and left the audience gasping in awe as the events became more interactive and filled up the whole space of the theatre. 

Overall, this show was wonderfully performed and I look forward to seeing more from the Harpeth Hall/MBA theater programs this upcoming year.

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