Introduction to ‘Fashion Forward with Ford’

By Caroline Ford / Columnist and A&E Reporter 

Photo courtesy of Olivia Majors / Editor-in-Cheif.

I have often been known to strut down the hallways of Harpeth Hall in a Ralph Lauren polo shirt or Oxford button-down with matching Ralph Lauren pants. What can I say, I do love my little pony logo on the top right chest of my clothing. Sometimes, I also rock the athleisure look of basketball shorts and sneakers. 

The power of fashion is all around us. Maybe it’s the spark of an accent color in an outfit that enthralls you. Maybe it’s simply just your favorite t-shirt. Harpeth Hall is a place made up of students who have different tastes and styles. This year, I want to highlight what makes our community unique. We all represent different splashes of color in a larger art piece, our styles are the different colors of glass that make our community’s mosaic beautiful.

In my column this year, I want to highlight fashion trends within our school and how Harpeth Hall students experiment with different styles. More importantly, I believe allowing individuality to be showcased through fashion is extremely brave. So brave that I am writing a column about it. 

Alongside talking about fashion within our own community, the power of fashion in the greater world is an art that I believe needs to be reflected on. Over the course of this upcoming school year, I want to showcase major fashion shows, events, and looks that captivate not only the audience of Harpeth Hall but also the greater world.

I am looking forward to getting more insight into different individuals and writing about all the different styles and fashions that make Harpeth Hall students stand out across Nashville. 

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