Pentagon Releases UFO Videos

By Janet Briggs, News Editor

As of late April 2020, the Pentagon has officially released three videos of UFOs. While they may not definitively prove the existence of aliens, they are all unexplainable aerial mysteries that are leaving the public curious.

Warning: This video contains cursing.

The videos were leaked to the public before now; however, the Pentagon’s official release aims to confirm the authenticity of the footage. The first video was captured in 2004 and leaked in 2007, and the other two were captured in 2015 and leaked in 2017. 

The Space Academy of Arts and Science, founded by a member of Blink-182 and former government officials, originally published the videos in 2017 after the Navy confirmed their credibility. However, the Pentagon has stated that these videos had not completed the formal classification process at this point of publication.

Naval officers took the videos while in action, and none of them were explained. They seem to depict saucer-like objects fighting against intense winds while moving at rapid speeds through the air. They also show an ease of rotation that no known American or international crafts can execute. 

The release of these videos stands as a historic event for the conversation around unidentified flying objects not just for the alien loving community. It has sparked two primary conversations: flyer safety and investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena. 

The initial unofficial release of these videos in 2017 sparked an outcry in the aerial community about the government’s monitoring of flyer safety. Pilots and members of Congress met the footage with questions of aircraft safety if the government does not report UFOs. Ultimately, this led to a senatorial briefing regarding naval sightings of UFOs in the summer of 2019, and this release sparks another wave of advocacy for government transparency with the flying community.

Other organizations like the Space Academy of Arts and Science aim to use this as a stepping stone to encourage more public access to UFO evidence in government records. They hope this release is one of many to come that will influence more investigation into the origins of these anomalies by private citizens as well as government agencies. 

So ultimately, the question becomes, “why now?” Amid a global pandemic hardly seems like the opportune time to confirm something of this magnitude. However, the government has only released a single press release on the topic thus far and has made no moves to speak further on the subject at this point. 

Depending on the public demand following this release, these videos could stand as the flood gate for numerous findings that the government deems not sensitive enough to keep secret anymore. However, considering the current national state with the pandemic, discovering the truth about “flying saucers” does not seem to be at the forefront of the public’s mind. 

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