Honeybears Travel the World

By Jamisyn Larkin / Features Reporter 

SUMMER JOURNEYS: Junior Cate Bourbeau’s Moondance group hikes on their trip through Spain and Morocco. Harpeth Hall Upper School students went on many journies over the 2022 summer and came back with many stories. Photo courtesy of Cate Bourbeau. 

Although the past two summers have been unusual due to COVID-19, Harpeth Hall students were finally able to travel overseas this summer.

From sailing around the British Islands to climbing the highest mountain in North Africa, traveling to London, meeting celebrities from all around the world, indoor skydiving and so much more, there were a variety of engaging experiences.

The summer trips provide not only opportunities for critical thinking and adventure but also a chance to learn about different cultures. 

Junior Sarah Reynolds participated in a 3 week-long boat trip and traveled around the British Islands. Reynolds studied coral reefs and underwater animals while learning to scuba dive. Her favorite part of her ocean trip was discovering artifacts from a shipwreck called The Rone.

“I came in with an open mind, took every day as it came, and I didn’t wish any of the days away,” Reynolds said.

Thousands of miles from the British Islands, junior Cate Bourbeau spent most of her summer hiking and traveling through Spain and Morocco, with the travel agency Moondance. Prior to this trip, Bourbeau had already traveled with Moondance to Hawaii, but she wanted her next trip to be more challenging. This year, she decided to travel across the world completely off the grid.

“I loved not having my phone and being in the moment,” Bourbeau said.

While visiting Morocco, Bourbeau’s favorite part of the trip was spending most of her days hiking up Toubkal, the tallest mountain in North Africa. 

“Once you were at the top, you could see everything around you. It was very eye-opening,” Bourbeau said.

MOROCCAN ADVENTURES: Junior Cate Bourbeau and her Moondance group pose in front of a sign in Morocco’s Toubkal National Park. Photo courtesy of Cate Bourbeau.

In addition to the vacations, many students studied abroad, including junior Davern Cigarran who spent all of June studying art history, culture and cuisine in Paris. 

Visiting historic mansions, studying museums and learning about the riches of French history, Cigarran’s summer took off on a great note. She visited many historical places that left her in awe, including an old church where the king used to have his service. The church is also famous for its stained glass windows.

The Oxbridge Academic Program was not only for Nashville students but for people all around the world. Cigarran was able to connect and create new bonds over shared memories with the people around her. 

SEINE SUNSET: Junior Davern Cigarran hugs a friend while watching the sunset over the Seine in Paris during summer 2022. Photo courtesy of Davern Cigarran.

Cigarran was not the only student who took advantage of post-covid summer travel. After being held back by COVID-19, senior Lauren Bradley was able to see her extended family from the United Kingdom.  Many families weren’t able to visit one another over the previous two summers. However, this year Bradley and her siblings were finally able to travel overseas. “Because of COVID, the flights had been canceled, but I’m glad I finally got to see my family,” Bradley said. 

As Bradley visited her relatives in London, she also visited Buckingham Palace. 

“I was in awe of seeing the palace, especially when the guards started to perform,” Bradley said.

As the last few summer days came to an end, many Harpeth Hall students spent their days embarking on adventures. From sailing seas to the fresh lemon tarts in France, students at Harpeth Hall were represented all around the world, bringing each girl out of her comfort zone and enriching her worldview.

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