Introduction to ‘Dear Logos’

By Mary Meacham / Columnist and Photojournalist

Photo courtesy of Mary Meacham / Columnist and Photojournalist.

Dear Loyal Logos Readers, 

You may have heard the rumors, the whispers, the chat. Well, I am here to tell you it is all true. Dear Logos is here. Welcome to the first advice column for Harpeth Hall students!! 

This year, be sure to tune into each Logos issue or to LogosNow for advice on everything from the best spots to study at school to my favorite late-start Wednesday breakfast spot. Look out for a Google Form each issue to ask any of the burning questions you may have!

I, Mary Meacham, will be using all my 18 years of life experience to help soothe your woes and guide you through high school. Who could ask for more? Ever wonder the hottest tips for your planner organization? Need advice on how to overcome pre-test anxieties? Constantly running late and need some tips on how to speed up your morning routine? I’ve seen it all! Just send your questions my way and I will give you my best advice in the upcoming issues of Logos and on LogosNow. 

Never fear, your questions will remain anonymous. Dear Logos is a safe place for all, so please ask any question you need an answer to! Nothing is too small. I am here for you! Ask away, honeybears!


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