Introduction to Seeing the World from Our Seats

By Lulu Kohler / Columnist 

Photo Courtesy of Lulu Kohler / Columnist.

Dear Logos Readers,

Earth is a pretty cool place. It feels approachable and accessible, yet it contains thousands of cultures, places, and people, each with unique characteristics that we cannot even begin to comprehend at a first glance. A sheer 100 miles can transport you to another dimension within our very own planet. 

This aspect of our 8.7 billion person community fascinates me, and maybe it strikes something in you, too. I have grown up surrounded by quirks and wonders of the world, which has created a love and curiosity that keeps me wanting to explore more. Be it natural phenomena or never-thought-of-before human creations and interactions, there is always something new.

Unfortunately, due to the fast pace and constant demand in our lives, it is not always possible to drop everything to see a spectacular sea-waterfall or mind-shattering marketplace. Through this column, I hope to utilize what others know and have experienced to bring readers along to “See the World from our Seats.” Who knows, maybe somewhere you have been will be the topic of discussion, or better yet, you will be inspired to go somewhere new. I hope you come along for the ride!

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