Introduction to #TBT

By Kelty Jones / Columnist 

Photo Courtesy of Kelty Jones / Columnist.


As you scroll through your social media feed, you may have seen your favorite celebrities from actors to athletes interrupt their normal schedule of curated posts for a #TBT. Standing for Throwback Thursday, the practice has taken off: the idea that through displaying an old photo that creates either nostalgia or a parallel to the present, one can feel closer to others and share meaningful aspects of their personal history and personality. 

If I’ve learned anything in my last 5 years at the hall, it’s that girls are connected by sharing what we like. Talking about everything from our favorite clothes to current events and pop culture phenomena plays a major part in how we connect. But what about how we actively participate in these trends individually, beyond just talking about them? Whether you frequently switch your ‘aesthetic,’ have tried a new makeup regime upon an influencer’s recommendation, or even have developed a love-hate relationship with athleisure, then you’re not alone. If you’ve ever stopped to wonder if there was a better way to stay in style without sacrificing your own unique taste, then this column is yours. 

#TBT aims to provide its readers with quality alternatives to items and practices that may seem too trendy and superficial to invest in–alternatives that have been historically popular or iconic and definitely deserve a proper comeback.

However, if you are clutching your whatever-the-on-trend-version-of-pearls-is in shock at such a suggestion as you prepare to defend the sisterhood of glazed donut nails and claw clips, then don’t worry; this column is for you as well! #TBT will dive into the evolution of certain it-girl products and trends to give you perspective on their popularity in a positive light.

So instead of scrolling through your seemingly endless For You page searching for relevant inspiration, let’s do this the old-fashioned way. Come with me on a joyride through time. Windows down, hair in the wind, and of course, the radio station set to retro. 

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