Elf off the Shelf

By Jamisyn Larkin / Columnist

I’m sure everyone has noticed the outrageous prices on makeup today. As beauty products become more popularized on Tiktok, stores like Sephora and Ulta have taken advantage by raising their prices. Typical Supply and Demand robbery!

Once a product on Tiktok becomes viral, it is known to be out of stock within the next week, and the price increases. For example, once popular Tiktoker, Alix Earle, released her makeup routine revealing the products she used, it nearly became impossible for anyone to find them in stock for a decent price. 

However, our society has come up with a solution to resolve our needs and brighten our bank accounts. 

Dupes, as some may say. 

Charlotte Tilbury’s Contour Wand next to Elf Beauty dupe. Photo Credit: Danielle Corrao

Dupes are a shorter word for duplicates or the “knock-off” version of popular brands. While following these current trends, I’ve begun to notice more and more people begin to buy “dupes” instead of expensive products.

So you may be wondering, “Jamisyn where can I find the dupes of makeup products?”

To your question I would simply answer “Elf Beauty.”

Over the past year, ELF ,a popular brand, has become the best brand to buy dupes of popular products. They have created numerous products that are not only cheaper but provide much more efficiency. 

Lineage came out with its “Lip Glowy Bomb” that quickly became popular. Everyone I knew had this product with them and used it frequently throughout the day. I decided to buy the product for myself, and to my surprise it did not work as efficiently as I would have hoped. By the end of my first class, I had already used half the bottle just to keep my lips from chapping. 

After a few weeks, I went to Sephora, and of course Elf produced the “Squeeze me Lip Balm” for much less than half the price of the Lip Glowly Bomb by Lineage. Not only did it keep my lips moist throughout the day, but it also didn’t require me to use much of the product itself. 

Another example is the Charlotte Tilbury “Contour Wand.” Similar to the other products, it became popular quickly at a price of forty two dollars. 

Elf saved the day by creating the ,“Elf Halo Glow Wand”, which has lots more pigment and only cost NINE dollars. 

Over the past year ELF has created many “dupe” products that are more affordable and effective. I hope the next time you visit Sephora, you take a look at the many dupes Elf has to offer!

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