Fantastic Fall Travel: Where Should You Be Thinking About Seeing Next?

By Lulu Kohler / Columnist


Our fall break doesn’t permit extensive travel, and by the time Thanksgiving comes around, it isn’t necessarily the time to go exploring either. Nashville is incredibly beautiful during the fall months, and it is so nice to be able to take in such an enchanting environment in the place that many of us call home.

However, there are dozens of other fantastic places around the world that thrive during this season, and it is important to celebrate the collective mood and scenery that this time of year offers. 

Often overlooked by those of us who live here, the United State’s northeast is something taken out of a fairytale over the course of the autumn months. Starting in mid-September, the trees gradually turn, and the leaves fall to eventually create a pillowy blanket of color all around. The true spectacle is how the branches seem to simultaneously shift from golden to a rich amber and even to deep reds before cascading down. The surrounding creates the perfect atmosphere for just about anything from walking to a cozy library afternoon. 

These magical forests lining the hills in places like Maine, upstate New York, and Vermont are broken up, though, by other native trees. Some of which are stunning Evergreens that even out the color schemes, but others include apple trees and the exceptional orchards buried within these states. A surprisingly fun and fulfilling activity is going to any of these orchards, big or small, and picking fresh fruit before the winter for a number of treats. After all, what is fall without a good pie or apple cider?

Photo Courtesy of Lulu Kohler, Sophomore.

Across the pond that is the Atlantic Ocean lies Germany, a somewhat shockingly spectacular scene for the season. Although it is also encapsulated in forests and hills with a similarly stunning show of color, the small events that occur between September and November are what truly make Germany the place to be. 

Starting strong, Oktoberfest is the perfect way to kick off any autumn activities. Taking place for nearly a month ,Oktoberfest or “die Wiesen” started as a way to commemorate the German prince centuries ago; it is now quite the party of German culture. In Munich, one can go to see the largest display of Bavarian culture in the world. The food, drinks, music, and energy are not ones to be missed. 

Alongside Oktoberfest, Germany is sprinkled with a handful of niche celebrations that make the season feel warm and welcoming. For instance, the cow train or Almabtrieb is a very unique experience that can be found anywhere. The occasion takes place in small German towns near the Alps to celebrate the safe return of the cows and cattle farmers from their journey. The best part, though, is the flower headdresses and bells that adorn the cows as they are dressed up and the center of the show. 

Of course, some people don’t enjoy the chill and mood that comes with autumn. Not to fret! The Southern Hemisphere operates on an opposite seasonal rotation to the Northern, so while we are all enthusiastic about the coming of fall, people in Australia or South Africa are welcoming spring. The journey south may be farther, but it holds a variety of options and equally superb experiences.

Regardless of whether you get the chance to see or experience these wonderful events anytime soon, it does no harm to know about them. Many places and wonders were left out of this brief guide, but any start is a good start. Who knows, in 10-15 years, you may find yourself in the Connecticut woods or Munich right around this time of year.

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